stuiwhite A4 B7 1.9 TDI SE build


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Hello all!

Bought this car back in February standard. Ex-Company car:


Drove it for 5 months before getting an itch to make it less remembered as an old Directors car to something more 'Me'.

So it started....

Private plate - just to hide its identity and age!
Remap - from 115bhp to approx 145bhp
Tinted windows
Lowered 40mm

Was going to black up the window trim chrome but when the car 1st landed on the LM's it brought the chrome out and i could'nt see it without it!

Here is how she sits today.


I have a lip spoiler for rear on its way and that's about it for now...

If anything changes and when i next clean it ill post more up!


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Yeah, i couldnt believe the different it made or how i thought id ever let it live without it!

Ill have to get more/better pics up when i next clean her :)

She has a Boot lip spoiler now too

Pics will be up weekend :)


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Needs more lower ;) looking good though :)

Haha, i would love to but to get it down the drive (Lane) it cant go any lower :(

Maybe if i have it when i have a house where it can go straight on the drive then i will.

I want to fit B5 cups to front but i dont know what parts i need :-S