Strut brace & other options for the S3


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I was quite surprised by the omission of the strut brace from the new S3 when it launched back in 2006/7.

Audi had deemed it's predecessor (the 8L) worthy of bracing, and it has led me to wonder why this option was dropped from the 8P.

Whilst I understand chassis technology improves with every generation of car, but the current A3 platform isn't what you'd call state of the art.

Mitsubishi Evo's still run braces, so I have to assume that a brace can still be a good thing to have in terms of keeping the front end level, particularly when cornering hard.

Has anyone thought of fitting an upper / lower brace on to their 8P S3 as part of their modification path?

Do people believe that if Audi feel it wasn't justified then it was a waste of £50 + fitting. I fitted S3 braces to my Leon (see below):


and the results were beneficial from a £50 mod.
Yes the Leon has a solid rear axle beam against the multi-link suspension on the S3, but would a strut brace still be of any benefit? If so does anyone know of anyone who might make one?

One thing I was discussing with Andy when we met up is that the arch liners in the front wheel arches no longer have any form of venting like on the old TT. I retrofitted these to my Cupra R and immediately felt that the aerodynamics were improved as air entering the front of the engine compartment had an easy passage of escape. Whether the new Audi's are more specifically designed to overcome this kind of issue I don't know.

The other thing I am thinking of adding as I miss it dreadfully is a boost gauge. I don't like the look of them, but they are an ESSENTIAL item to knowing exactly how well your car is performing (loss of boost is an early indicator of other issues). Used to have an A pillar boost pod in the Leon:


but due to the tweeter location on the S3 this is not an option. Awesome have a steering column located gauge holder but it's not the prettiest solution. I've seen a vent mounted one in an Audi TT Mk1, but don't fancy losing the vent TBH. TobyCruse has just got some new piece of electronic trickery, but I'm not sure it will necessarily provide boost (unless it hooks up through the CAN outlet.

So basically throwing all the above open to debate / opinions / thoughts.

Cheers in advance


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I dont personally think a brace would do a lot on the 8 p a3 as the bulkhead is immediatley behind the strut towers effectively bracing them anyway. My previous car a focus st had a brace but the engine was central between the struts with the bulkhead well back so probably benefitted. The audi set up is probably strong and stable but the engine is a bit far forward for great balance Jono


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IMO the chassis of the 8p is relatively firm and stiff anyway with the bulk head, as mentioned, so close to the struts

there are braces available for the 8p but means you have to butcher your trim covering the struts

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The wheel arch mods (ala TT) were to allow the air to pass more freely over the SMIC (Side Mounted Inter Cooler) the 8P has a FMIC (Front Mounted Inter Cooler) so the core is free to flow air along with the Rad and Aircon cooler.

I also had an 8L strut brace on my Mark IV Golf Gti and notice an improovement to the stiffness.



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i was also wondering why there are no strut braces avaialble for the S3.. i had a GT Tuning strut brace on my cooper S and boy did that make a difference! collossal difference!! eradicated a lot understeer and front wheel slippage when exiting corners!