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Strong smell of fuel in car, injectors?

KLBC Sep 26, 2018

  1. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Saloon Audi S4 S tronic

    Hi all,

    Not all the time but more often than not I get a strong fuel smell in the car while driving, theres no fuel leaking onto the ground, so am I right in thinking itll be fuel injection line or injectors themselves? Its worst when im driving hard

    Also occasionally get misfires and engine revs are abit jumpy, may these be related?

    Any help is much appreciated!
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  3. martin1984

    martin1984 Well-Known Member Team Silver TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Habe you had any work done latley when i had a service the fuel filter has a t piecie that had cracked when put back on no drips on floor due to trays.
    Best is to jack car up remove undertray get a second person to rev using hand not sat in car as not safe on jack etc and see what you can find from there.

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  4. OliNix

    OliNix Active Member

    The symptoms of misfires and related to engine load sound like injector seals, they are pretty easy to replace.
  5. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Saloon Audi S4 S tronic

    Thanks mate, no ive had no work done, owner before me had spent a couple of grand on work on the engine last year and thats it, but i will do what you said for sure!

    And as before, im sure the previous owner had all new injectors etc im away from home at the minute so cant check. I will be sure to check the last parts & labour sheet for the car and then ill check the seals. Thanks mate.
  6. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Saloon Audi S4 S tronic

    For anyone whos interested, the problem I has was the air intake pipe wasnt connected to the throttle body, and the engine breather pipe wasnt clipped on properly. Cost me 4 quid for some jubilee clips n did it myself. Been perfect ever since and its stopped a few other issues I had!!
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  7. Just Rob.

    Just Rob. Moderator Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep Team Brilliant Black Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro S-line owners group Manual

    A job well done then chap, saved some hard earned pennies too......:icon thumright:

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