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Strange Vibration... Maybe dmf?

RichMk3 Apr 1, 2018

  1. RichMk3

    RichMk3 Active Member Bronze Supporter

    Morning chaps, and happy Easter and all that. Holiday's for me seem to mean only one thing.... Car problems :(

    I've tried to Google this problem, but it's difficult to describe to Google, so I'll try here.

    About a week ago the car started making a strange noise at low speeds and when ticking over, at first it was worse when cold, but has got progressively worse over the last few days.

    The best way I can describe it is it sounds like the exhaust is blowing from the manifold or cat area, but it's not as I've checked. It's causing a bad vibration that can be felt through the steering wheel and gear leaver. The engine runs sweet as a nut with no misfire, and it makes and holds boost just fine with no smoke or any other issues..

    It's just doesn't feel or sound right.

    I'm starting to suspect the dmf but it's not showing any of the other documented symptoms. I've just ordered a new pcv valve to try that first before I shell out ahead loads on flywheel and clutch...

    I know it's a bit vague, but has anybody got any other suggestions?

    Car is a quattro 2.0tfsi bul special edition btw!


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  3. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    Does it rattle when you turn the engine off, classic sign of duel mass failing
  4. RichMk3

    RichMk3 Active Member Bronze Supporter

    No, that's the thing, it's showing no other signs of a failing dual mass flywheel. Looking back at the receipts for work carried out in the past, it did have a new clutch at 80k, but judging by the cost, it was only a clutch.

    It's now just passed 130k but showing no signs of clutch slip/problems.
  5. RichMk3

    RichMk3 Active Member Bronze Supporter

    This a quick update on this... It's still driving me mad!

    In my quest to fix this I've changed...

    PCV valve
    Fuel pump follower
    Air con pressure switch (separate issue)
    Fitted a de cat pipe (read somewhere cat can cause vibration)
    Checked the miltek exhaust for leaks/rattles

    I removed the auxiliary drive belt thinking it maybe baring gone in something, alt/ps pump idler wheel etc..

    All to no avail.

    Car runs sweet as a nut, and is not showing any common signs of dmf failure. When cold and I pull away in 1st or 2nd gear and back off the throttle, I can hear/feel this noise/vibration. If I dip the clutch while rolling and blip the throttle I can hear it with the speed of the engine if that makes sense!

    Any ideas because I'm at a loss here..



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