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Strange times on SatNav routing

sotondjt May 6, 2019

  1. sotondjt

    sotondjt Registered User

    Over the weekend I put in a route into the New Forest. The estimated time was way to high for the route which ended in a campsite.

    A mile from the end the MMI was estimating 30 minutes. left. In the last few hundred yards the time counted down a a few minutes every few yards.

    I guess the satnav thinks the private roads in the campsite run very slow! Anyone else seen something like this?
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  3. JRF

    JRF Registered User

    I had that with paultons park
  4. liveseytowers

    liveseytowers Registered User

    I find the satnav is really unreliable with its route planning and arrival times. I use it on my way home sometimes to work out my arrival time and the routes it wants me to take a massively different to what Google Maps wants me to take. The times are often way off and i often find myself on narrow roads that save my 1 min on my journey but at the risk of damaging the car.
  5. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    I think anyone who depends upon sat nav to negotiate themselves around will find any built in navigation wanting and use either goggle or waze. The only thing you can do is make sure the maps are up to date.
    Having said that we always found ours reliable enough for the long journeys we make the only thing tripping it up is stationary traffic sometimes...
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  6. liveseytowers

    liveseytowers Registered User

    I was having issues with Android auto which meant I had to use the inbuilt nav for a while. Worked out the Android Auto issues which was my phone and not the car so its all good again. I do like that the built in nav displays eta and directions etc in the speedo on the VC. And the fact I managed to update the maps using the sim in the car rather than having to update via USB.
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