Strange sound from 1.9TDI 130


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Hi folks

I've noticed an odd sound coming from my 1.9PD 130.

Difficult to describe but if I blip the throttle at a standstill it sounds like a sucking sort of sound from around the rear of the engine bay on the driver's side.

Performance seems the same and I've got not warning lights.

Any ideas what this might be?



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possibly an air leak into the intake after the maf mate? My alfa tdi had a slack intake hose clip on an auxiliary pipe after a service and got no engine management lights or anything, just a weird sucking sound and slightly off performance from normal, it was causing the mixture to be weaker than it should be as un metered air was being let in.

You can get the intake pressure-tested, some guys made a homebrew kit from a footpump with a gauge and a cap to tighten onto the intake pipe after the maf, pumped it up to say 20psi and listen / look for pressure dropping away, hope this helps.

Alternatively, you can spray Bradex engine start spray around all the intake piping joints when running at idle, a rise in revs means a leak has sucked in the bradex spray and burned it.