strange sound. another sound thread


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i have a 1.9tdi 06 3door,

there is a strange sound what kicks in when accelerating, when in lower gears (2nd and 3rd) the sound is more fast paced and seems to start when the boost from the turbo kicks in, and when in 5th the sound slows in pace when cruising. its the type of sound like when somthing needs greasing, the car only has 28k on the clock though. bugs the hell out of me and doesnt really sound like my friends from the past.

i know its not fully diagnosied but any help would be great guys


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Sound bite would be helpful, maybe a Tube vid with sound & post on here mate.


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been to my mechanic and he says thats how loud they are, but its been awhile now and this weird chatter from what sounds from the turbo is really annoying. ive noticed that the 1.9tdi also doesn't have the waste air blow off noise too which is a bummer.

i might try to get a clip on the move


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subsribe - similar problem with my 2.0 tdi

lol nice plug but it seems a little dead, if it picks up i might. does your 2.0 have the blow off noise? and does it seem the chatter increases with the turbo in lower gears and slows when in high gears?