Strange noises, or is it just me?


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May 26, 2014
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Picked up my new purchase just over a week ago, an 04 A4 Sport Avant 1.9TDI with 92k. I've done just over 200 miles in the thing without any bother apart from the brake pad wear indicator coming on intermittantly. The car is currently standard.

However, today as I was cruising at around 70mph on a dual carriageway, I noticed whereas the car was pretty quiet and refined at that speed, it was noticeably louder. Best way to describe it was a droning sound. When running on a 40mph urban road, that sound wasn't apparent, but I realised when I lifted after being under load (i.e. coming off boost), I could hear the turbo chattering with the windows up or down. It was making what felt like full boost though, but as I said, I've done 200 miles in it, so can't tell if these sounds were always there and I didn't notice, or if they were new today.

Scanned it with a generic fault code reader and nothing shown, nothing on the DIS either, what should I be looking for/at?
Clogged egr and possible wheel bearing. Get it on vag-com, in the mean time take it out for an Italian style tune up to clean out the crap as it's probably sat for a while especially with that mileage.