Strange noises from top of dash


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I’m hearing servo type whirrings from the top of the dash of my 2002 B6 3.0 Cabrio, even when the ignition key has been taken out. These sound like the vents moving, anyone have any idea what’s going on and whether this is a problem?


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It sounds like it is one of the motors on the vents. You need to do a VAGCOM scan to be sure, this will show you which one it is.
I have just had the re-circulating motor replaced under warranty. I heard a noise and did a scan and it came up with an intermittent error. So I got it into Audi before the warranty expired. For the one I had replaced I think it was about £80 plus labour. The total was about £350 I think. I am a bit vauge on the cost as it was, as I said, done under warranty. I believe this is the worst one to replace the others are quite simple.