Strange noises behind dash


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On my 02 1.9TDI A4, strange noises occur! Sounds like vents opening and closing. Seems to happen pretty much all the time, even when I turn the car off for a short while after.
Is this normal???


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the noise is the flaps adjusting to divert air where you want it to go this should only happen when you change the air direction on the aircon unit


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you could try disconnecting the battery for a while ? see if it resets someting or if you know anyone with a vagcom


Might be your heater controller! the m8s started palying up and when he replaced the dash control unit it sorted itself out!


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Everything seems to work fine tho!!!

Except my heated mirrors dont seem to be demisting.


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mine does it too!!!

Its like a short creaking noise???

its done it for a while too, everything works fine tho, so not to worry!!!


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Mine does it too, like you say, even when the key is out, but it all works fine. I was curious about it too

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tis ta same here get the noises but just decided to put up with them as nothing really happens to indicate anything is faulty etc,il be getting worried if the noises stop now lol


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min does it to 02 130 tdi. Did your heated mirrors ever work?? min does not have them (sport model) ! I have wiring and i belive that they turn on when you turn on the rear glass heating. £50 for the Glass!


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My wifes B6 TDi does the same thing, my B5 S4 does it aswell.... As other's have said, if everything works as it should i wouldn't worry......


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I'm sure my book says mirrors only warm up at a certain temp! I'll check - and i'll put up with weird noises!!!

Went to Weymouth and back this weekend. This car is awesome!!! 500 miles at least to tank of the black stuff woohoo!