Strange noise when reversing/accelerating from a standstill


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Recently I've noticed a 'strange noise' coming from the front left wheel. The noise is only apparent at low speeds, especially noticable when reversing with hard right hand lock and also when accelerating from a standstill.

I've jacked up the front of the car and I can't see or feel anything loose.

Does anyone know what may cause this issue?

My car is an 2008 A3 2.0 TDI 170 Quattro with about 44,000 miles.


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H Grant, can you try and describe the sound at all? I once had a stone stuck in between my brake disc and the rear splash guard that made a terrible metallic sound when driving, just needed me to push the splash guard back slightly, a stone fell out and the noise was fixed. I only say, because I know the state of the roads up here after Winter and wonder if you could be experiencing the same as I did last year. Whatever it is, I hope it's a simple fix for you :wub: xx


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Could be a number of things, like the above, I'd take a look at cv joint, wishbone bushes, console bushes, top mount, basically everything within the vicinity i'd have a look at.


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It's a clunking sound - if that helps!

Top mounts is an interesting suggestion... how would I test that without dropping the strut out?


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Hi guys, really old post and sorry to bump it up but did you find out what this clunk was?

I've recently got a 140 black edition and has same issue, front left clunking under slight breaking when reversing.

Only happens when I pull forward slightly allow the car to stop then reverse at slow speed and press the breaks.

Any help would be great!


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I can confirm I get the exact some clunking sounds when I reverse and slightly apply the brakes. Mainly when reverse parking. Im still yet to get it jacked up and have a poke around. I wonder if its anything to do with some kind of subframe knocking.

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I would say it was the brake pads moving slightly ninja kid , nothing to worry about .

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Could be the brake pads, if they've been changed recently (this happened to me both times I've changed them on the front).
Also, subframe movement, ARB bushes and/or the bolts holding it in place (they can become loose and move in place), tie-rods.