strange mot advisories!

steve bain

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so I don't come on here so much but do still check bits from time to time. anyway, my recent mot advisories were too odd not to share.

rear coilovers are only 2 years old (although paint has come off)
I changed the oil at the weekend and when i removing the filter I got it on the ac pipes and didn't clean it off
and the really odd one! my banded steels got the strangest comment I have seen yet.



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I'd imagine they were just covering their *** in case you went home and slapped on some alloys with illegal tyres on em. . .

The steelies must have looked odd to them, little do they know this is how you roll.... Pun intended!

steve bain

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that's the way I roll :) it did fail on ns tie rod end, but £10 is no biggie. a friend of mine got an advisory to 'remove bodykit because it is ugly'. how we laughed! heres a pic on the steels. just because I can!

have a tuck away exhaust now. the old one was ugly...



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when I got the car the mot had an advisory for "Engine Covers obscuring engine components" surely.. that's their purpose...


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What size are those steelies?

steve bain

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16 inch off a beetle. Fronts banded to to 8.25 inch, rears to 8.5 inch.