Strange high pitched sound when moving...


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Just wondering if any of you can help identify what's going on,

Just recently i've started to hear a constant strange whistley hum while driving my 2006 2.0tdi.

- It doesn't sound engine or turbo related as putting the clutch in, changing gear or revving the engine has no effect on its pitch.
- It kicks in at about 25mph and increases in pitch the faster the vehicle is physically moving.
- It sounds sometimes there is more than one "note", as I increase speed the pitch increases and sometimes once it gets high enough the pitch suddenly drops and begins to climb again as I speed up, as if it has changed gear or something..(the opposite happens when I slow down)
- It does almost sound like wind vibration on something but I can't tell where from.
- I've read it could be alternator related?

Anyones 2 cents is greatly appreciated!



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Could be anything really, sometimes door seals can make this type of noise. Could also be pulleys, wheel bearings, try and pinpoint it more if you can.


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strange I have a whistle on my tdi I think its my turbo as it whistles when I put my foot down when turbo kicks in and stops when I ease of the revs I have a feeling a have a leak but not sure as im sure thus would mean loss of pressure loss of turbo power etc its audible if windows are up and the stereo is off can just about hear it though


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Ok so I left the car into a local indy and got him to have a quick look over, he didn't address the whistle noise because he got distracted by a chirping noise under the bonnet, something I was going to ask him about anyway, turns out my alternator belt is flapping about and needs a new tensioner so thats getting done tomorrow.


He says he hears a second deeper noise and has told me today that he's sure the DMF is on its way out :( I've just had it serviced and MOT'd by a VAG indy specialist and he didn't mention it and actually said the car is in great condition. The car doesn't suffer from any tell tale signs of DMF failure like rough idle, clunking noises, clutch slip or difficulty starting so now my only concern is how urgently should I get the DMF replaced? Will it do much damage if/when it goes? I've heard people drive with symptoms for a long time before getting it changed and I've just accepted a new job that comes with a car allowance so I might just trade it in as a deposit on a new A3/5, what do guys think?