Strange engine startup sound


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For a while now i've been getting a strange sound when i start the engine, but no problems with the car otherwise, no errors or driving issues..

Here's the sound i recorded on my phone this morning while the mrs was rushing to get going, will get a better recording if needed. It's right after the car starts, for a second or so

Any ideas what it could be?


Laurie P

A4 B6 1.8t Quattro Avant 190 + A3 8L 1.9tdi
Depends what you're driving, sounds a bit like oil starvation... Plenty of folks on here will be able to tell you exactly what it is.


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Sounds to me like a loose heat shield for the exhaust, first sound to identify oil starvation on a 1.8t is the cam chain tensioner which is unmistakeable, any lorry ramps near you?


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Sounds like DMF...


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Oh no,Really? It's a 1.8T Petrol automatic. Apart from that sound for a second or 2 right at startup, there's nothing weird going on. I'll get a better recording with the bonnet open next time

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