Strange electrical problem with my front passenger door.....


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Hi guys

Since Saturday I've had a gremlin in my front passenger door. I seem to have partially lost power to it, I have no electric window (whether it be from the drivers door or the passenger door itself) it has no central locking, so when I lock the doors from my key fob all other doors lock apart from the passenger front door, it also won't allow any of the doors to auto lock when I reach 12mph and I can't even manually lock the doors from the switch on the drivers door. I've also discovered tonight that I have no illumination on the door, I have rs4 door cards fitted which have illuminated interior door handles and they aren't lighting up as well as the electric window switch, but I do have the puddle light under the door card working as well as the red safety light on the edge of the door card which illuminate when the doors are open.

All other doors are absolutely fine in every way apart from the front passenger door. My interior lights are also constantly on, so it must think that the door is always open but it isn't showing up on the DIS that it is open? Sometimes it shows on the DIS that the front passenger door is open when it is physically open, but other times it doesn't think show that it's open when it is.

Any thoughts as to what this could be? Or has anyone experienced the same and found the cause? It's doing my head in so any help would be appreciated.

Much luv, :)



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Well I know I have a cut wire in the loom behind the rubber shroud in the drivers door because I have no sound out of my drivers door speakers at the moment, and before it got cut completely it had intermittent sound through the speaker when I opened and closed the door, so do you think it could be another wire in that loom that's damaged but on in the drivers door which would effect the passenger door? Or would it only be in the passenger wiring loom?


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pull the rubber boot wires in drivers door can affect all doors
very common


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my wiring broke inside the rubber sleeve aswell few weeks ago lost all electric mirrors, windows, central locking etc easy fix took around an hour


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Cheers guys, I know I've got a snapped wire in the drivers door loom cos my speakers aren't working and I've seen the broken wire so it's no doubt another broken wire then! I'll investigate in the morning!

Cheers! :)