Strange Door Problem


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Hi Guys hope someone can help me, i recently bought an audi a4 2003 (B6) and noticed on the dash that when i open the drivers door it shows front passenger door open and when i open the front passenger door it shows drivers door open? the back doors are correct. i dont know whats going on here the cars not been recorded for any accident damage.
hope its easy as just sawpping some wires over can someone please point me in the right direction to where these wires (iso) would be.
really much appreciate it guys. thanks in advance


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I would think its either a coding problem or a door connector.


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Mine has started to do this a few weeks ago after coming back from the dealers. I'd be interested if someone knew the answer


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Probably coding problem as the drivers door has a control module to control all windows / mirrors / locking etc. and based on if this is orientated as left hand drive vs right hand drive will give you these problems. All sensor swithes on locks will be routed through the respective door control units and communicated to the convenience module over CanBus, so doubt it's a wiring problem.

Check Coding for "+128" as listed below,

Convenience Module Coding [46] << Link Here to RossTech site

  • +00001 = GB-Alarm (not USA)
  • +00002 = Confirmation Anti-Theft Warning System (Blink)
  • +00004 = Selective Central Locking (SCL)
  • +00008 = Anti-Theft Warning System
  • +00016 = Rear Lid Release Locking at 5 km/h
  • +00032 = Central Locking at 15 km/h (or 10 mph)
  • +00064 = Comfort Function via Remote Control (not USA)
  • +00128 = Right Hand Drive (RHD)
  • +00256 = Avant
  • +00512 = Confirmation Close via Remote (1x Blink)
  • +01024 = Confirmation Anti-Theft Warning Sytem Horn Activation
  • +02048 = Door-/Window Regulator Logic
  • +04096 = Thatcham Anti-Theft Warning (not USA)
  • +08192 = No Safe-Function
  • +16384 = Side Windows with Insulated Glass


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Thanks Mate that helps a lot, ill look into this further thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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I changed the coding and hey presto it worked, but it stopped my remote windows and alarm blip sound from working.