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STP Auto air-con cleaner

stu1985 Nov 16, 2015

  1. stu1985

    stu1985 New Member


    Noticed a musty smell coming from ac, ive had it serviced and re-charged, i thought that might and solved it but not.

    Ive tried leaving the ac on high for 20 minutes last night that seems to have got rid of the smell but ive tried this air con cleaner this morning.

    Has anyone tried this and whats your opinion on it?
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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I've never ever used any of these disinfectant bombs - mainly due to the fact that I run the fans with the chiller off for long enough to dry out the plenum. But, I have bought a couple of these products and not used them yet, if you use your air con regularly and don't try to dry out the plenum, then lots of very small and nasty beasties will be living in there - so using any of these bombs will kill them for a while. I think that my concerns about probably the early versions of these bombs was that they would cover the interior of the car in white dust.

    Edit:- I would have hoped that the term "servicing" a car A/C system would include running one of these bombs through the air passages.

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