Stop/Start - Do You Use It?

Srop/start - Do you use it?

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Devon A3

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I can see I'm going to have fun ! Never had stop / start let alone an electric handbrake and hill assist. But there's been some great info on this thread.


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I have it in my car which is a manual and I have no issues with it. Dont always understand why it works when it does and why it starts up again for no apparent reason. Haven't driven a s-tronic with it to compare but on a manual its never been an issue. Much rather find a way to keep the Hill Hold Assist on by default, I keep forgetting to put it on and then find myself rolling backwards :)

Thats strange, if I have HHA and its always on by default when I start the car next time, if I have it off, its off next time, the car remebers the choice. (note: only works with seatbelt plugged in).


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hate it, but mine is faulty anyway so it never works - decided i'll give Audi the headache to sort it, it's been in the garage for a week being looked at - would disable if it's possible.


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I don't have a B8 but came here just to say that I HATE stop/start/hill assist.

That is all.


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for the auto people:

I thought with the autos, you have to really push on the brake to get it working? i.e. you can sit in traffic, with a light brake and it won't shut the car off? so you need to press the brake right down to get the system to kick in?

also... what happens when you're at lights, leave the car in drive, put the handbrake on, and take your foot off the brake?? does that turn the car off, or hold it sitting like a normal auto car does (or should... not many auto drivers seem to do this, prefer to sit with their ****** foot on the brakes!! grrrr!!! lol )

More than light pressure on the brake pedal and it kicks in. Or put another way only very light pressure on the brake pedal stops it engaging.

And your second point is what I hate/don't get. Leave the car in drive, brake to a stop, stop/start engages. Put the electric handbrake on, car restarts. Why?! You aren't going anywhere!


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Looks like Start/Stop is well locked down on the B8.5.
I tried de-activating it (I have VCDS) under the engine controller, but it throws a DIS warning, and then re-activates when the ignition
is next cycled. I am also unable to find the start/stop temperature or voltage settings under the CAN gateway or engine controllers described in the links. I'll keep looking when I have more time to play.........................but it isn't looking promising tbh. For the record......can you tell I side on the it's a complete PITA having to remember to press the button every time camp. **** :)
It's true the S-Tronic re-starts if you engage the e-brake. I can only guess it is something to do with auto release pull away sensing which works off the ABS sensing and therefore require a running engine (bit like the HHA) ?
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Bristle Hound

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My wife has just got a brand new Ford Ka and I don't know whether the stop/start button is knackered, but once its disabled via the dash button, it remembers the setting each time you drive it

I have checked and it does work when you enable it, but yes, I am able to disable stop/start without having to press the button each time at start up time

But shhhh don't tell anyone .... :D