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Stooopid air suspension question from a newbie...

Dthor Feb 24, 2020

  1. Dthor

    Dthor Registered User

    I have an '05 Allroad with the standard drooping suspension issue.

    The car is fine if left on level 3 but drops if left on either level 1 or 2. Based on what I've read on the forums this suggests that one of the front air-springs has a leak. It drops significantly more and quicker on the front left than the right suggesting that this is where the problem is.

    Is it possible to replace the air bag by itself or with the whole strut need replacing?
    (Is the strut just a combination of the air spring and the shock-absorber?)
    Are the 'Aerosus' units any good or will I have to go for the 'Arnot' ones?

    Thanks is advance
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  3. amiram

    amiram A6 C5 Allroad 2.5L TDI Tip Still on air :)

    My vehicle ran with four corners of first-generation arnott airbags and original shock absorbers for about 5 years without
    and with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.
    The swap is easy (the beg only Unless the shock absorber is damaged ), with standard tools and two jack stands. There are a lot of YouTube movies about this. Diagnostics and testing require specialized equipment such as a suitable fault scanner or VCD'S Required.
  4. Dthor

    Dthor Registered User

    Thanks for your reply. Helpful information for next steps.

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