Stone chip repaire


I want your faulty electronics
I'm going to attempt stone chip repair on my car this weekend and after any hints and tips from people.

What polish, sand paper, that sort of thing.
I'm using this Stone Chip Repair Guide - Detailing World as a basic working guide but he uses a porter cable polisher and I dont have one. What polish or compound do you think I should use?

I'm not expecting fantastic resaults but something better than looking at white spots or shoddy stone chip repair.

Any hints or tips would be great.


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Thats going to be pretty tough to be honest as you need to rub the repair down with some wet+dry then polish it out. I'm not sure what combo of hand pad and polish you would use as i have a machine polisher. Sorry mate.


I want your faulty electronics
I just noticed I spelt Repair wrong in the title, Not the best start, O well

Yesterday I popped out to halfords, had a walk around and a think about my stone chips, scratches and all other manor and **** on this paint work.
On my travels I found some rubbing compound and some P2500 wet'n'dry sandpaper.
Sod it, I'm going to give it ago and see what happens. Picked it up and went home and remembered I dont have any paint brushes.
Thought i'd crack on with out em and see what happens.

First was to test the rubbing compound on something that was already messed up and I picked the rear bumper near the boot.



Much better than it was, still some deeper scratches and that big long mark where the boot was rubbing. That mark is down to the plastic. Not much I can do about it.

Next, same bumper but the section just after the rear wheel.
Not sure you can see the marks very clearly but there is marks like they've brushed up on something.


you can't see it there (and I forgot to take a picture of it) but there was a nasty white mark on that corner where they backed in to someone or something. The rubbing compound soon removed it

enjoying the results of this compound I set off to do the mirrors and remove them annoying little white marks.


Next was a little mark on the front where I just grassed some idiot that stopped in the middle of two lanes.


I've tried all sorts to remove that mark but nothing would shift it.

After them I decided to attempt something a bit bigger and harder
This nasty bit rubbing on the N/S/F bumper.

It was here that I remember I dont have any paint brushes. Sod it, I'm going to use something else. I thought. I only need to blob it on and sand it down. What have I got that would do the job?
O yeah, cotton wall buds. I think I had heat stroke or something cause thats a really daft idea and did not work at all.
Smearing the paint all over that area and trying to create a even coating did not work, it just blobbed up and looked *****!!
I left it to dry and proceeded to sand it down with some P2500 until I thought I make a mistake by not using a brush.
So I gave up, cleaned the area. polished it with some of that compound, then used some polish and left it like this.

Looks poo close up but from the other end of the car park you dont even notice it. It looks so much better (just dont get with in 6 feet of it.).
I left that bit for now. I will attempt it again when I have some brushes, which will be tomorrow.

Well, thats my attempt at stone chip repair.
I dont think I repaired any stone chips. I will do them tomorrow.


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Considering the resources you had thats not a bad job!

Done well there!