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Aug 4, 2003
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This BB doesn't get the traffic it used to and we all know why -fewer B6's on the road, many have moved on as the platform ages, mileage and age on cars increases and values drop. Most all questions and problems long ago addressed and solved.

My car is probably worth £1100. I consider that valuation to be nonsense. Through this calendar year I've spent money on refurbing the alloys, new front wings (which were supplied so well Dolphin-Grey colour matched this is is frankly amazing to consider their paint is a few months old whilst the panel next to it is nearly 20 years old). If I sat you inside the car, exception from the cassette player (!!!) and wind-down windows in the back, with the chrome trim carbon wrapped (as I have done), well if I told you this car had done 20k miles I think you'd believe me...

I've owned and waxed the car 16 years, it's been my one and only daily through the years of 1.5k business miles a month, to sat doing nothing during covid and everything in between. I paid £16.5k for it. I've grown with the car. I've looked after it instead of getting bored with it. The first car I've ever done any work to. Starting with servicing. Brakes. The gaskets and the sensors that drop out at around 90k miles. Basic stuff compared to many knowledgeable posters on here, though progress for me. This website has saved me so much money thanks to the contributions of others. The car looks as it does inside and out because I have insisted on it. My choice.

I still look back at it in the car park, every time. Still love driving it (with the Revo tune). I always tell my family: "I know what it is. It's a an 18 year old car with a cassette player, but I love it"! I've told them all I'm keeping it until at least 200k (odometer currently 184k) though I know a fresh target lies beyond. I suspect many of the remaining drivers of this platform do so out of choice. We could go out and throw another £Xk or £XXk at a new car, but for what? A load of additional liability and cost for a newer plate? New cars just don't do it for me. Their aesthetics. Design ID's. Screens instead of buttons and dials. Nah.

So, yeah. That's me. Long time B6 owner still feeling like I did in the first month of ownership. The guy driving a 2004 car. We usually log in here with our problems but, I hope that all of you are still enjoying the B6 as much as I do.
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I had my first b6 for about 10/11 years 1.9tdi quattro avant, I'd still rate it as probably one of the best cars I've had. It had same mileage as yours when I sold it and up until that point I'd only ever changed cambelt e.t.c. and brakes, other than that every thing else was still factory fitted! I regretted selling it as soon as I drove away from it, that car never let me down in the 170k I drove in it and that included trips to the French Alp's e.t.c.
I drive a b8 dynamik now and I like it as apart from an E brake it's not too overloaded with needless rubbish and being a quattro it has that nice heavy planted feel, but I think every thing else beyond my 10yo car has become too much, lane assist, brake assist, park assist, distance control auto this and that and fining a manual car with the spec I want is going to become impossible! So I plan on keeping this one as long as I can keep it going.
I hope you carry on enjoying your b6, just chuck a new head unit in there with blue tooth :icon thumright:
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I feel the same..
I have a 54 plate b6 sport avant in Mauritius Blue & still like it after owning it for the past 7 years or so.
Bought on around 120k miles & now on 181k miles, it's usage has now dropped considerably as I'm now working from home since covid.
But, being the older model I have no dpf to worry about with not driving it long distances, unlike my more modern a3 2.0tdi... that the other half uses daily.
I must admit, every mot time I do now worry it'll be it's last, it is in great condition really considering it's age & the fact it has the light grey interior! but I do know the state of some of the rubbers on the upper front suspension arms! and also how much that will likely cost to replace when the time comes (I have done most of the lowers over the years but I'm not keen to attempt the uppers myself) It has just recently passed it's MOT though, with no advisories.

I do still like driving it & find it more comfortable than my 2011 a3, it does however have a couple of niggles now, the abs/esp light keep coming on & off so likely needs an abs sensor.. i got limp mode again 2 days ago (and has done in the past!) so will fire some turbo cleaner in it & hope for the best & also has a bit of an oil leak from the egr valve.
The rear ashtray lid, the kids broke & the mrs broke the glovebox handle yesterday!.. she now sees that as nothing as it's my old banger that i won't part with lol! whereas me.. i was almost heart broken lol.

I did show it some love last weekend and changed the oil & all the filters.. even after 7 years i still dread starting it after a fuel filter change!..
I don't know what i'd get to replace it now to be honest, as with yourself, these new cars with all the screens & fancy driving aids don't really do it for me.
Also i've had more problems with my much newer & way lower mileage a3 in the year I've had it that I've had in all the years I've had the a4 (and the mk4 gold prior to that)
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