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Stick or twist B9 S4

Nham68 May 30, 2020

  1. Nham68

    Nham68 Registered User

    PCP comes to an end in Aug. My S4 Avant is fully loaded with most options and 33K miles. .GFV is 23K .great car, no complaint. I smile every time I get in it.

    So to a dilemma. Just pay the 23K and keep for 3-4 years.. it is such a great Q car.

    Or twist on a new Mercedes CLA AMG 35 4Matic shooting brake.
    Or new S4.

    A first world dilemma and trivial nonsense given the current environment, so my apologies, I don’t want to offend anyone .

    the Merc looks great. Fully loaded , it comes in <<new S4 by nearly £8K and performance is the same . Discounts are about 11%. And the diesel issueNon tenenenS4 .. this will be the last new car I buy and I don’t want to be saddled with a diesel when some cities are talking about restricting diesels.

    anyone looked at the new CLA shooting brake ?
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  3. Keef

    Keef Registered User

    Just gone through the same and kept my S4!
    Got another years warranty and only done 22k miles. My GFV was £22.5k.
    There’s nothing I really like at the moment and I’m unsure about buying new again
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  4. blackb9er

    blackb9er Registered User

    If you're happy with it and it still puts a smile on your face keep it.

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  5. OCDaveS4

    OCDaveS4 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter

    Well the new S4 would be a diesel of course so that rules that out for you, and regarding the Mercedes (and like you don't want to offend anyone :tearsofjoy:) its an ugly beast.

    I think the clue is that your current S4 "gives you a smile every time you get in it" - not many cars do that!

    So, if you don't still need the space of an Avant, I'd think about a newer petrol S4 saloon, if you need the space stick with what you've got, and use the money you've "saved" (bit of man maths there!) on something to freshen it up - new alloys perhaps, new interior mats/toys !!
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  6. Jcbmally

    Jcbmally Started with nothing & still have most of it left.

    STICK STICK STICK STICK STICK :thumbs up::thumbs up::thumbs up:
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  7. mjcairney

    mjcairney Active Member Gold Supporter

    Ask yourself a simple question "If it puts a smile on my face every time I get into it, why would I even think of getting rid of it?" I think you already know the answer to that question.
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  8. mjcairney

    mjcairney Active Member Gold Supporter

    Just wondering what decision the OP came to? Stick or twist?

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