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I have a a3 2001 model, with a double din stereo with the bose speakers and built in bose sub in the boot. I know its a pain in the *** to go to single din. i heard it is a pain in the arss to get the aftermarket stereo's to work with the bose systems. I came across this, i was wondering if anyone has done the same kind of thing? I really need the usb input not bothered about the other bits.
Has anyone fitted something like this?

Connects 2 CTAADUSB003 - Audi A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, TT USB Interface Kit for Audi


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Yeah simple. Everything supplied thats needed.... bit fiddly to get the cables etc behind the headunit but is possible.... and ive got the USB connector for my Ipod in the tray under my headunit. Or you can put it into the glovebox.

Speedy Steve

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I have but then i got rid of the factory radio and fitted a Pioneer double din so doesnt really help