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Ok I have my sparco steering wheel at the ready with boss kit and quick release. Had a quick look today behind steering wheel airbag what I am gonna be facing and doesn't look all that bad.



Right obviously can see airbag connector I got a 2.2ohm 0.6w resistor for this so hoping I can just put the legs straight into connector put some electrical tape over it and tape rest of connector together out of way. As you can see the 2 spade connectors a brown wire and a black wire which I gather is for horn brown is positive and black is earth so these go straight to my horn button. At the back of the airbag itself I presume the black wire is just an earth for the airbag?
Does it matter which way round I put resistor into airbag connection one wire is blue and other is brown.

Thank you :)

Forgot what size is the hex screw as all I had was a T50 and this was too small. I was actually expecting a nut that I just remove with a 17mm socket but not to be.


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All fitted was going to use a quick release but since i have dished steering wheel it was too close. Used a resistor and no airbag light comes on and goes off as normal so all good and horn functioning nicely



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Update after driving for 48 hours airbag light popped on
Its on constant when you turn on ignition its lit up straight away and doesnt go out and come back on just stays on.
Why has the light come on after 48 hour? I can only think of 2 things.
1. Its took the airbag module 48 hours to realise airbag is disconnected and the resistor hasnt worked.
2. The resistor has blown.
Is it possible if i clear it with vcds it will stay of?
Anyone any suggestions?


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Everytime I've used a resistor to bypass an airbag light I've had to clear the code through vcds.

Have you cleared codes through vcds already?


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Best get on it then :)


Hey tuffty mate next door put his 12k reader on it lol and it said something like drivers side airbag high resistance. Cleared it and its gone out now but wondering if resistor i used is too high? 0.6w 2.2ohm

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Hi steve think you could be right got it from maplins looked on website and it says 0.6w 2.2k ohm does the k make a difference

Yes mate, big difference. 2.2k is 2,200 Ohms giving much higher resistance value, hence fault code

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