steering wheel wobble


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Aug 27, 2003
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Tauranga, New Zealand
Hope someone can help, severe steering wheel wobble, worst at 60mph, had new caliper on n/s/r as it seized up, disc isnt warped, 2 new front tyres fitted at the weekend, 4 wheel alignment done 6 months ago, I haven't kerbed or damaged it. MOT only 7 months ago. all wheels now run free, so am stumped as to the cause, also no excess play on wheel bearings.
Cant think of a plan G please help
Sounds like the front wheel(s) out of balance, maybe a balance weight fell off?
you were spot on Scotty, the balancer wasnt working correctly last week, they were both way out, at least it was sorted f.o.c. cheers
Glad it's fixed, bet you're glad you did not rip it to bits looking for the 'problem'!
still have slight wobble, but this is due to n/s alloy slightly distorted, have two others so sure i can find a good one amongst them and get tyre ewapped. thanks for replies