Q5 steering wheel shudders when turning


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hello everyone

When I reverse off my drive into the road I get a shudder coming through the steering wheel it also does it when I turn the steering wheel right to left and left to right

I’ve had 2 garages look at this and the both blame my wheels and tyres which are not standard q5 wheels. They are 21” rs6 style wheel

I cant believe that this would be the case

ive been on tinternet and seen a few people have had this problem

Any ideas as its driving me mad


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Mercedes have found with their 4 matic models that they get some crabbing (jumping) of the front on full lock in right hand drive and it is worse in cars with wider wheels / lower profile tyres. I noticed a little bit of something similar on Sunday morning when the road surface was very wet - my SQ5 runs 21" wheels. Is this the sort of thing you are referring to?

Presume that you have tried it with standard size wheels to see if problem persists?