Steering wheel fault?


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Quick one, ive recently put my main 19's wheels back on today. One or two changes seem to have happen, the steering has become lighter than when it was on stock 17's, this down to tracking? But i did notice it went stiff wen put on 17's for winter. And also the steering wheel has started clicking when say doing 3point turns when the wheel turns full lock, it's not just on full lock does it about half turn too. Just wondered why's this? Does it have a sqwib and is it this?

Somthing bugging me too is that the drivers side still sits higher, about 5mm just on the front. Can't seem to work out why when i know am setting them right. I have to have drivers side all the way to the bottom of thread when pass side is about 10mm higher on thread but sits lower?? So strange.

Thanks for any input if anyone has an idea