steering wheel disclock and other security


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I have a small size disclock...will this fit the s3 steering wheel?..also what other extra security devices are people. Using...I wouldn't mind adding a perimeter alarm that goes of when people.get to close ..but unsure who to go to for the alarm


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I think a lot depends on whether you have a garage, which makes a difference I think. You also need to be aware of people following you home as a lot of thefts these days are car key robberies, so be aware and vary your journey when local etc. I do have some extra security on my car, which is probably overkill, but has put my mind at rest a bit can PM me if you wanted more details. To be honest, your Disclock is as good as anything with the exception of these things being a pain in the **** putting on and off. final thing, car jacking - make sure your doors auto lock and always leave a space between you and the car in front when in traffic. It is important to remember that more cars do not get nicked compared to those that do. We obviously worry a bit more having S3's which are desirable by the scum and can be targeted. I have heard that the salons and sport backs are more desirable as 4 doors are needed for getaway cars in robberies etc. Just enjoy your car and take sensible precautions.


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I have a small disclock and it fits fine.
I only use mine when leaving the car in a car park etc. I know from personal experience how difficult these are to remove (friend lost his keys).
So it gives me a bit more confidence when leaving it.

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This looks look a pretty solid solution to me: