Steering Wheel button problems with Retrofit 2015 8V MIB2 + Virtual Cockpit.


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Hi !!!

After a retrofit to get MIB2 + MMI Touch + Virtual Cockpit I have a problem since my steering wheel doesn't have enough buttons to control all the VC functions...

Now I have 2 options......

1. Customize current buttons ¿?
Is there anyway with maybe OBDEleven to customize some buttons I don't use to use them for the VC ¿? or maybe anyway to control VC with MMI Touch ¿?

2. Retrofit also the steering wheel but that will cost me again a lot of money....

The shop I did the retrofit has changed inav button to open a miracast (another mod I did) so that is why I am asking if there is a way to customize it to do what I need ¿?

Many thanks !!!


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There's no solution except for replacing the steering wheel. The buttons are LIN signals and you can't customize or repin them... You can do everything on the center panel tho so unless you must have all the steering wheel functions... The * button are the only button that's programmable and you can do that on your own from the MMI menu... But I'm more curious about your miracast solution, do you have more info on that?


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I have nothing to add here but I hope you get it resolved. Sounds like the new steering wheel is the best option bud. Can you tell us about the Miracast. Also, was the VC install a huge job and did you need a new dash or your modded the existing one?


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You'll need the FL VC version of the steering wheel with the "VIEW" button and the airbag... Depends on the option you want, flat bottom, paddle shifter etc, I guess you can get it from 250-350gbp for both...