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Steering rack failure

Squirrelly Oct 31, 2019

  1. Squirrelly

    Squirrelly Registered User

    My daughter's 2008 2.0TFSI (60,000mls) is making a terrible knocking noise over uneven ground. Local garage has diagnosed a faulty steering rack..
    An OE replacement was quoted at £1000 plus fitting so I'm looking at trying to source a refurbished/re manufactured replacement if I can.

    I have a few questions;
    Is a steering rack failure common on this model?
    Can anyone recommend a supplier for a replacement rack? I live in Cheshire.
    I believe the rack may need to be 're-coded' but would that be for a replacement rack or would the existing one need to be re-coded too if I get that refurbed?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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  3. Squirrelly

    Squirrelly Registered User

    Any one...?
  4. jonnyfeng

    jonnyfeng Registered User

    Hi mate,

    Seems that TT Owners are less active or there are simply less of us to report issues, i often find searching for similar issues on YouTube or simply on Google can be helpful. Even other cars which share parts etc.

    There was a thread i read where the chap was diagnosed needing a new rack from Audi, turned out he just needed to replace the sub-frame bolts. Other have had similar issues and replaced the top mounts and bearings.

    Have you found any videos online on YouTube etc, which are similar or the same as the issues you experience? This is a good way of starting to make sure 100%
  5. PabloManc

    PabloManc Registered User

    Sorry I cannot help, I have had 5 Tts and never had an issue with the steering racks, only a worn track rod end on one car. if the rack is fitted with electric assistence it might need setting up software wise. I am not knocking your garage but that is an ususual fault. I would ask them to get it up on a ramp and show you why they think its the rack.

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