Steering angle sensor/ ESP,ABS lights on!


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Hi, I have an Audi a3 2.0 fsi 2004 I have fitted an flat bottom steering wheel which was a straight swap with original wheel but my horn never worked properly in the first place only when I full lock the steering wheel to the right somehow it works in that position it does the same with the new steering wheel too.
The only problem is iv changed my cluster to an s3 one but all warning lights are flashing after it had been coded to vehicle which obviously needs recalibrating, it's been attempted 3 times but lights are still flashing, I'm guessing I have a faulty steering angle sensor as the horn doesn't work, but don't know which part I need to renew the slip ring or the square module both quite expensive :/ any help or ideas bearing in mind my horn only works when I full lock it to the right?