Steel Wool On B6 Avant Roof Rails


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just thought i would check if it is ok to use steel wool with metal polish on my avant roof rails?

they are looking a bit cloudy and polishing them hasn't really improved it.


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I'm not sure on this one.

Something I've never delt with.

If anything make sure its 000 grade steel wool.

However I use Britemax Metal Twins on all my chrome and metal work and it's amazing stuff. It's not adhesive so won't damage or scratch any metal work. It's a two stage method.
Final stage contains a sealant.


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You ought to try and find out what they are made of (any one know?) are they lacquered? If they are uncoated stainless then they can be polished up but they could be plated lacquered material in which case don't touch them with wire wool. You could contact Audi technical support. They may bother to respond something they sadly don't always do.
I have seen two types, one being a chrome type finish on plastic trim. The other more widely used is a polished aluminum with a clear plastic coating. The problem with this is that moisture gets between the coating and the ally and the ally oxidises . This is where you get that chalky finish that will drive you nuts trying to deal with. Basically you cant unless you remove the plastic coating. It is not something I would do. I have seen one car that has had this done and it looked hideous. Getting that level of mirror finish is a real pain. Let alone trying it when it is on the car surrounded by black plastic, so you need to get the polish off there too.
I am surprised the manufacturers have not addressed this over the decades.

Sorry, just noticed this was roof rails not the window trim....


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The roof rails will have a lacquer finish and going near them with an abrasive will make them worse. There really is very little you can do about the cloudy finish they develop over the years.


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Worse thing you can do!

Have you got a machine polisher as hand polishing will never get it back to its best! Whereas a machine will


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One real problem is to try and polish them whilst on the car. It would so easy to damage the roof or at least the paint on the roof.