Starter machine polishing kits. Where and what?


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Right, it's about time I got started on looking after my car properly. I use the 2 bucket, foam lance, wash mitt and drying towel currently, but I have lot's of little marks and stuff over the car, and no amount of hand polishing is gonna sort it!

I am a relative newb to the machine polish side of car care, and would like some advice from people who knows the score.

Is it possible to buy a complete beginner kit which includes everything to get started. Ie machine polisher, pads, cutting compounds etc.

Also, I have read there is 2 sorts of polishers. Rotary and dual action. What is the best pick for a newb.

Oh, I will have some panels available to practise on first :)

Any help and advice appreciated



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That's exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. :)

A spinny thing with lots of pads and bottles.

Looks like my birthday pressie from the missus is sorted!

Thank you very much