START / STOP not working

Daniel James

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Hi all,

I have a 2010 A3 black edition and recently stalled randomly ... after that I got a red error warning flash up on the dash when I started the car again I now how the start / stop logo but with a white line across it ?

I mean I very rarely got it to kick in initially more curious as to why it now wont work ?


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Got the same "error". Car won't start/stop when in neutral but when I loose the clutch while in gear I can start the car again by just tapping the clutch again.

When I disabled and enabled it with VAGCOM it worked 'properly' again.
Note that, while the engine is cold it won't work anyway. The car needs to be on temp.

[19-CAN Gateway]
[Adaption - 10]
Dropdown menu: IDE08348-Start/stop voltage limit

7.6 V = off
12.1V = on