Starry headliner instalation


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I'm looking for someone who can confidently remove and fit a new headliner.

If anyone is local to south shields/newcastle and would like to help me with this project. I'd make them a headliner to return the favour.

I specialise in fibre optic lighting, not sure if I'm aloud to post my website and company details...? my next design is a starry headliner Inspired by the rolls royce phantom.

I need to fit this new headliner and route the 'tail' of fibre optics into the boot area...

Here's a picture, (file was too large, got no idea how to show you? ) although it's not finished and the photo does not do it justice, the lights are pin sharp in real life and are only 0.5mm in diameter, barely noticeable when not lit.

I look forward to your comments!


I used to be an interior trimmer - it's really not difficult to remove and replace a headliner, just time consuming as ideally, you have to remove the pillar covers first.
It is also a lot easier with two of you.
If you get really stuck, I might be able to assist.
Sounds like an excellent DIY thread, but also something most people wouldn't be able to undertake without having the right equipment and know-how. I imagine if you weren't doing the work yourself this would be quite an expensive job?

Subscribed and will be looking forward to your write up!


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Sounds interesting......

I removed and refitted the headliner and trims on mine. Its not a particularly 'difficult' job so to speak, but it is something you need to be quite patient about - its a bit fiddly in parts to remove the trims.

So long as you take your time and think carefully aboutwhere you're pulling trims from etc its not toooooo bad a job.


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I've just got no idea of the space behind the headliner, the fibres all bunched up end up around 20mm thick, this tail then needs to feed into the boot if it's possible.

I should of checked all this first but I just cudnt resist making it,

Another thing I'm worried about is starting the job and not having it finished in time before we need the car as I'm sure you need to turn the airbags off while the pillars etc are off, we've got a baby boy at the moment so I woudnt want risk anything.

I'm not really confident I could do it all myself without damaging anything...

My pal has.suggested to help me but I raised an eyebrow when he nearly snapped the main light out of the roof!

I've basically got no time to do it, Its took me months to build it as I've rarely got much time to do it, apart from then rest of tonight!

So I'm gonna get cracking and get it finished now ready to fit!

Can I email the pictures and videos to any of you to post?

It says the file is too large, maybe some of you know what to do?



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Ah well it's let me this time.
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Thanks sandra, can you get videos on here? It looks really good with the twinkle option, it also changes colour. Some more pics...
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@Sandra am I aloud to add my Facebook page/website? I'd love you all to like and follow my page. The videos are on there also.

Ps. I was wondering if this thread might have more intrest in another section, not too sure how to move/copy it though.


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Hi Stevie, what section do you think would be more ideal? General chat maybe? You just tell me where you think best and I will move it for you. :) You can add your facebook to your profile and signature as long as you not advertising. :) x


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Thanks sandra, I've added those.

I don't know which section would be seem by more people? Maybe general chat or project room?

Just so people without a B7 can see it really. Thanks


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I love the blue/purple twinkle

I remember seeing not too long ago but I can't remember where, someone had done a starry roof and done the actual constellations with a comet and trail (that have been in a cinema room rather than a car though