"star" Centre Caps change to black


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Dec 7, 2009
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Lincoln, England.
Wanting to get people's experience of changing to black centre caps:

Currently have the "B8S4" wheels on my 8P S3, they have the "star" type 5-spoke centre caps.

I'm also getting the wheels sprayed black this weekend, to match black grille etc and would love the centre caps black too.

I've seen on the wheel database (http://www.robcheng.com/audiwheel/) that there are black caps on the "D4S8" wheels, with the same 4F0 601 165 N part number as my current grey caps. When I rang Lincoln Audi to price up a black set they said they only have them in one colour (presumably grey) and had no option to specify the model (PR-F11) in order to get the black ones. They were also £29 each!!!

Now, just wondering if there is any other way to get black caps. Ebay seems to only bring up grey ones.

Could spray them along with the wheels, but will lose the silver logo and not sure how good they will look, maybe a bit tacky?

Anyone else changed their "star" centre caps to black?

You could always get them hydro dipped and leave the silver logo intact.

interesting, never seen that before. looks like it would certainly do the job. Can't imagine it being cheap just for 4 caps though?

Any recommendations of somewhere that can do them? Obviously posting them off isn't an issue.


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