Standart seats to power seats retrofit


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Hi guys
For now I have standart "cloth" seats, not heated, without lumbar, fully mechanical. I found a guy who sells leather full-power seats for crazy price and today I am buying those. AFAIK there are no wires for power seats to connect (I don't really know that, it's just what I read on various forums).
One guy told me that all I need to do is get there two wires - a power wire with 20amp fuse and ground wire to body. And it all should work (heating gets additional loom, but my seats will not be heated so this is not needed).
Is there any additional stuff I need to be aware of?

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Be interested to know.

You bought the full leather set as well? If so you mind me asking how much?


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Okay guys everything went smoother than I expected.
After removal of old seats I noticed that there is red connector but only with one pin. After some inspection - that was ground wire connected to it.
So all I need to do is buy some 2.5mm cable, two fuse holders, two 30A fuses and some endings for wiring to be connected on existing terminals. Glovebox and kick panel removed helped me to twist needed cables for driver and passenger seats. I had two connectors that came with my new seats but one of them was broken, so what I did is I took pins from connectors and added them to my existing ones. Some soldering and voulia - seats working! Only thing that I was lazy to did is lighting under seats,, it's not necessary for me so I didn't added wires for that and now it's dark. However new seats are extra comfy, has lumbar support and is prettier :) Condition could be better but I got them for bargain. Some leather refresheners should do the job I guess :D

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pics please, everyone likes piccy's.


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Here ya go ;)


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