Standard Suspension to SLine style drop, what aftermarket springs?


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Nov 27, 2014
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Hi all,

I bought my B8 with a set of FK suspension installed, they were terrible on the roads I drive on, bumpy and crashy and the car was too low imo, so needless to say I took them out after a week.

My car is TFSi in Sport trim but has standard suspension and i'd like to give it a subtle drop similar to the standard SLine suspension.

What's my best option for this? Buying SLine springs from the dealers? Heard Eibach springs are good but would they be too low also?

This was my car with the FK kit

And how it sits now as standard, id like something between the two

Eibach pro with new dampers or H&R with new dampers mate. Message @DPM as Damien can advise best.
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If you fit shorter springs on standard dampers will there be enough preload to keep everything in place when there is air under the wheels?
What springs or combination would you recommend?