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Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line
Dec 20, 2004
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As above i was just wondering i have a 2003 S3 with no CD changer and a standard 1 slot Audi HU (BOSE dont know if this matters). I have been looking at phatnoise but i wanted to know, could i link an mp3 changer to the standard HU without any problems??

If thats pos what would i need and what changer would fit where the OEM one does?

Cheers for any help.


I recently got a Sony CDX-T70MX mp3 changer and a MADS003 i/f which worked fine for my NAV+ HU.
Cost about £230. Supposed to work with all models.

Had to get the local Audi garage to release the HU, didnt charge me though which seemed decent of them!
That was a question i was wondering aswell, but that now seems top have been answered, got an A3 T Sport came with a bose system but no CD changer, i was also looking at a sony CDX T70MX but dont need to change my head unit, think i will go ahead and get it now. Neil where did u get your Cd changer from? always like to get the best price, dont like to be ripped off.
Works with the steering wheel and HU controls, track and disc numbers are displayed on the top 2 lines on the DIS and HU.
CD Text names don't work though on either!

The company is called Car Electronics Ltd based in Leicester, I actually only paid £211.94 inc. delivery, definately the cheapest available late Nov 2004.
Can't provide a direct link for the page, navigate to the factory fit changers for Audi

Fits nicely above the sub with sticky back velcro, you'll have to route a new cable from the changer to the adapter which fits behind the HU. Very easy to do as long as you can get the HU released. (Right tool for the job!)

There is plenty of info on the MADS003 adapter availale on the web to confirm it's suitablity for your HU.
well have taken the plunge and ordered myself the sony CDX T70MX Cd changer, will let u all know how it is and how im finding it when i've installed it!!
Do you need a cable from the head unit as well or is that supplied with the sony and adapter?
no my car already came with a cd changer but the bloke i bought it from kept it to put in his new TT, so the cable is already installed in my car, if your car didn't originally come with a CD changer you will need one, but i aaren't the person to ask about that!!!, you do need the adapter though from the CD changer to the installed cable. will post more info when it arrives and how i got on with it!
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You get the new cable with the kit from the guys. Have to leave the preinstalled cable even if fitted.

Never had any problems even with big pot holes!
Hi all,
So am I right to believe that we cannot get mp3 playback, when fitting an autochanger with mp3 capabilites, to a concert stereo?
You do get MP3 playback, just no ID tags in the display. If you use the correct interfact cable, the HU will be fooled into thinking that it is connected to a normal (audi)CD changer. It will then behave as if each CD just has a lot of songs. Navigating will be a pain though since you wil not have the option to browse though folders or anything like that. Also, I have read somewhere that on the newer HUs there is a 99 track per CD.

Just make sure you get a changer that has an interface available for Audi HUs. I know the sony works using the MADS003 interface. Not sure whether an inteface for Alpine units exists.
Hi SynthDood,
Thanks for the response. I think you're right about the 99 track limit. I read that from a car audio dealer site too. Can you tell me if the random functionality still works and what happens if you do put the songs into separate directories? Does it just not find the mp3 files?


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