Standard 17" sport wheels fit over big brakes?


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Oct 30, 2008
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West London
Hi guys

Can't seem to find an exact answer for this. Will my standard 17" sport wheels fit over the 8P S3 brakes? Any spacers required or straight fit? I have a friend who might sell me his so just having a thought ;)

Pic of my car is in my sig below.....

Thanks peeps

The wheels shown on your sig are fitted to A3 3.2 SQ's and 3.2 brake discs are 345mm diameter. If your brakes are bigger than this it's possible they won't fit. My 3.2 is fitted with 18's and the discs don't leave much room when cleaning the wheels so the 17's must be real tight!
Thanks Dave. Yeah it's the 345mm S3 setup i'm looking at, as long as it fits under the 17" wheel then it's all good :)
There is a guy with an orange S3 that runs the standard sport rims as his winters so yh they do work, not sure how much clearance there is left after fitted but there shouldn't be any issues. I will also be running the same setup over winter

Edit: it is the guy in that last link (pinterovski) that has the orange S3
Here is the pic:

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