Stalling POLO / 1.4, 16V, 2003




I bought the new VW Polo in March 2003. 1.4, 16V, 100 HP. 2-3 months after the car started stalling every now and then. 2-3 times in one day or 1 time a week. At no specific intervals or circumstances. Climatronic on and off, high or low revs, full, half empty or empty fuel tank.

I took it to the dealer ( VW service, dealer) for about 3-4 times and they failed to find the reason. At the start, they thought it was the G28 sensor (chip to control revs). Nope! Second try, dirt in the fuel "injection" or something, nope again.

Today, and after having the car for 14 months the problem is still there. I tried my luck to another VW garage/dealer. First time they found nothing. Second time, they cleaned the "throttle body"(??air trapped inside?). Thinking that they finally spotted the problem, I took the car back. That was after the fourth service in one month. FYI, there was no free courtesy car!!!! VW Customer service. So....NO NO...guess again....after 2 days the problem appeared again.

I am a bit worried since this appears at no specific times. During overtake and at any speed 20-20 mph or 90 mph. The car just "dips" for a 1-2 secs and then comes back again. I noticed no warning light or other indication on the panel during that moment. I have been a VW "fan" for years (Passat, Golf) but I think with that level of Customer Service and incompetence to deal with problems VW will start loosing customers.

I Contacted the VW Main Dealer before contacting VW Headquarters (dont really believe it s going to make any difference), and they said they will try to fix the problem (dealer will). They said that there is no replacement policy for cases like these. well....when is???

any suggestions as what this could be?

many thanks



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I had similar problem. And still do every year. The solution, according to my garage, was cleaning the throttle valve, found at the rear of the throttle body. The throttle body is where air is sucked in the inlet manifold. Currently have this problem...will try to clean it myself.