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Stall - start stop does work. Garage lying or not?

Arnott Feb 3, 2017

  1. Arnott

    Arnott Registered User

    So today I took my Audi A3 Saloon 2.0 tdi sline into the garage as when I stall the car the start stop functionality seems to stop working.

    So I stall, put the clutch down and in neautral and the engine doesn't start.

    Should it?

    A technician told me there is a 3 second limit and to get the gear into neatral and the clutch down before it required a manual restart with the keys.

    I think the technical is talking rubbish but I know little about cars.

    Anyone able to help?
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  3. RichardT

    RichardT Registered User

    I would think it quite likely that the car would not start automatically after it stalls.
    If the S/S otherwise works OK I wouldn't look on this as a problem anyway. Stalling is presumably a very rare occurrance.
  4. deanshaw24

    deanshaw24 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Just don't stall it?

    My Mrs gtd restarts after she stalls it.
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  5. Ormesome

    Ormesome Registered User

    Pretty sure mine re-starts if i stall it. In fact I'm 100% sure it does. i don't put it back in neutral though to be honest. this might be the problem? if i stall in 1st then put clutch down immediately, with it still in 1st and it re-starts. If you stall and you go back to neutral aren't you doing a bit of a "drivers test" or L-plate driver style re-start? stall, put handbrake on, back to neutral, turn off engine, restart engine, etc etc! sounds painful.....
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  6. Whitestar

    Whitestar Registered User

    My previous manual 8P would restart automatically after stalling as soon as I pressed the clutch.
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