Stage 3 Rs3 Fl


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I recently took the plunge and decided to go stage 3 TTE700 on my Rs3 fl and overall I am pleased with the results that the car achieved on low boost settings for safety.My mods include Bcs de cat, forge intercooler, full eventuri stage3, uprated spark plugs. Plus I have a few more mods to go which include full exhaust, intercooler intake pipes do there should be gains to be had there. Is there any other part people have changed on there stage 3 set ups.


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Tbh mate, mrc are too shelf, so they would be best to ask what options would make any difference or at all over & above your current setup.


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I am looking to go stage 3 and considering the TTE600 race route as won't need to do the exhaust or injectors and should get 590ish ps with torque capped at 750Nm.


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As a change to my above post, I now have changed my mind and looking to also go tte700 with injectors and change of plugs but is a full miltek exhaust really necessary? I mean I’ve seen results from tuners abroad in Europe making some serious results on stock rs systems.

anyone else running stage 3 care to give some advice

in regards to running low boost, making 700nm of torque is capped but others Ive seen run 750nm with near 620/630ps.

I understand it is safety but surely you could squeeze out a lil more from the engine safely.