Stage 2 clutch Question


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I currently have a Stage 2 Sachs Clutch W/ organic plate and dual mass fly wheel on my 2.0tfsi. This was on the car when i bought it. The clutch has currently done 14k and ive never owned a car with a Stage 2 clutch so i dont know if its working fine! only driven around 500 miles in the car

At the minute, the noises have not been consistent which has me rather worried. On idle and in neutral, theres occasionally a rattling sound coming from the clutch/fly, I will drive further on, stop at some lights and it'll go completely quiet. Other times it has a squeaking noise like an old Aux belt.

Hope its just the characteristics of this clutch... if not whats the rough cost to get it inspected and or adjusted if needed....

Clutch was fitted by an Audi specialist


That clutch and FW should be quiet like OEM. Only difference should be pedal feel.
I would jack the car and crawl under to make sure the noise is 100% coming from the gearbox...
If it is, then find a shop to look at it. Work cost? No idea.