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Stage 1 remap 2.0 tdi 140bhp

FaisalFazeli Mar 19, 2015

  1. FaisalFazeli

    FaisalFazeli @S333FSL VCDS Map User


    has anyone remapped their audi a3 2.0 tdi 2011 preferably? Wanted to know how long they have had it and if its worth doing. Hearing bad reviews on turbo going? Clutch and gearbox? would there by anyway to prevent this?

    Thanks in advance (newbie)
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  3. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Registered User

    Who's told you that? I'm considering having mine done that's on 111k miles. I was told by the tuner the only issue would be the clutch slipping if it was worn, other than that everything should be fine. Well established companies aren't going to remap cars that will lead to major parts of the engine and transmission failing... It isn't going to do their reputation any good!!!
  4. FaisalFazeli

    FaisalFazeli @S333FSL VCDS Map User

    neighbours got a 5 series and he said his turbo went when he remapped his car, hes polish and he did it in poland so not sure. my clutch is not worn or anywhere near being worn, it wouldnt cause me any problems then?
  5. Mindak

    Mindak Active Member VCDS Map User

    My tuner said the main reason a lot of components start failing is because the driver feels the need to give it more beans, Iv had mine done for over a year and is perfectly fine!
  6. Lodhiz

    Lodhiz Audi S3

    If your car already has issues (even if you haven't noticed them) then a remap will not necessarily cause any problems but will definitely exaggerate them to the point where you will notice them.

    Any reputable tuning company will always run a pre-map health check ensuring there are no major issues.

    I owned an Audi a2 a while back. Bought as a cheap run around - 200k on the clock, no service history, 5 previous owners and I think it was originally used as a rental car. Anyway I had it remapped to 100 from 75 bhp and pushed the torque up to 195 lbs/ft. Had absolutely no issues what so ever, no clutch slip or engine issues. I gave the car hell, and it took it quite happily.

    Fast forward to 2014 - bought an s3 8l which had considerably less owners, full history etc... Got it remapped from 210 to 240 (so not even pushing it) and it exposed a world of issues! Leaks all over the place and general poor performance. All issues fixed now and touchwood it's running great albeit that it cost me a hell of a lot to put it right.

    Bottom line, there is an element of luck involved. But getting the right map/tuner for your car is a good start, doesn't necessarily mean it will be plain sailing though.
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  7. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

    Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps Registered User

    we are north east based. there shouldnt be any issues aslong the owner maintains the car. obviously components fail' its a part of life unfortunately. a remap just accelerates the speed in which it will fail, so said part will need changing regardless
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