Squealing Air Con - A3 8P Climate Control Unit.


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So a few months back i was having issues with getting the ECON light off. Luckily it ended up being the pressure switch which i had replaced and all was good. Now though if i take the ECON light off, the system makes a squealing noise, almost like a noise of leaking gas. it also doesn't seem to be getting as cold as expected.

Any idea's? If i thought it was actually leaking gas Id have brought it in but its been happening so much the gas would have well run out.

Any one else experience anything similar? any tips?

TYphoon GB

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Squealing from under the bonnet...compressor clutch...quick shot of spray grease sometimes fixes just keep it off the belt.
Squealing like a small mouse from under the dash...low refrigerant charge...
Squealing like a large mouse from under the dash...fan motor bearings on the way out..noise changes with fan speed