Squeaky chair!!!!


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Ok so I have had my A3 1.4TFSI S-line for a good few months now and love it. However. Over the last week or so my drivers seat has developed a somewhat annoying squeak.

It appears to be coming from the seat base around the bolstering on the right hand side and pops generally when taking a sharp left hand bend or going over speed humps etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this something that the dealer will
Look into and fix for me?



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I had my Base changed under warranty. Known fault of a piece of plastic in the seat Base getting damaged and then rubbing on the Base.


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I have this in my A1... So annoying. Managed to sort it by adjusting the angle of my seat. Seems to be worse in the cold


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I had this too. So annoying. I couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from, I believe it was around the height adjustment handle as when I adjusted it would stop for a while. Completely cured mine by spraying a small amount of silicon lube around the area. That was a few months ago now and the noise has not returned :) if you try this be sure not to get any on any visible leather parts


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I have this on my 2013 S3. It happens more when cold, when I head home from work and go over the speed bumps it drives me nuts!

@RO65ERS, what exactly is the Fix?


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Yep. Had it on my A3 S Line. Creeked when I went round corners, sounded horrible. Took Audi two times to sort it, both times they replaced the seat base.


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I'm on to my 3rd base which has been modded by the Master Tech at my LD. Assured it won't happen again. Shame really as they leant me some tasty cars while mine was in.


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I've started getting this on my 15 plate A3. Mines seems to be more from the seat belt. It's only just noticeable so not a major annoyance just now. But if it gets any worse, I ow know what it is.