Squeaking rear suspension (not ARB/Bushes)


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Hi All,

The rear suspension of my car squeaks when going over speed humps.

I've just had the rear shocks, Anti-Roll Bar and Bushes replaced by the Dealer under warranty.

I haven't called the dealer back yet - does anyone have any ideas before I call them?

Also, when I collected the car I noticed that the exhaust was blowing on idle. The Dealer had a look and said a 'sleeve' in the middle section had come loose and sorted it. However, the noise has come back too.

Does anyone know if you have to remove/loosen/jiggle the exhaust to get the ARB fiited? I'm sure that the noise wasn't there before I took it in.

Thanks for any assistance! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ok.gif


on the rear anti roll bar you have to drop the heat shield above the exhaust andremove the two rear exhaust brackets.


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If you've had the rear end done and your car was given back with an exhaust blow I'd be inclined to think that the squeak is from the central exhaust mounting. I've had the squeak (Still do a bit) because the tangs on the exhaust pipe which are meant to seat on the support have corroded away. Shove some packing in there and the problems gone, but what it sounds like in your case is they may have simply dislodged the exhaust from it's seat.......worth a stab.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I've got the car booked in for saturday, and my contact in Service has asked me to print out your comments!

I'll let you know what happens....


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Have creaking from the back on my S3. Brothers an Audi tech and said it was the rear springs. He's seen it on TTs and S3s. Said to turn the springs half a turn. He said he mentioned it on a course at Audi Tecnical and they said that they hadn't put a bulletin out to dealers about it.