Squeak from LH Front over bumps


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I’ve recently noticed a squeak coming from the left front corner whenever I go over a bump or pothole but it’s only some, for example speed bumps I hear it and potholes on the left side but coming off my driveway hear nothing. Speed makes no difference and still squeaks with the brakes on.

when the car is stationary even opening the doors and bouncing on each sill can’t hear anything. At first thought it was the gearbox mount as the engine moved around a lot but replaced that today still something squeaking. I’ve got an audio of the squeak too.

tried spraying GT85 on all joints at the front but no luck whatsoever.

any suggestions as to what it could be or anybody else had this issue?


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Have a look at your engine mounts. Support the engine and remove one at a time. Inspect them closely for split rubber and sheared bolts. Spray some Waxoyl in the spring pans, I’ve solved mysterious squeaks in other cars this way. May even have a broken spring, which on Audi’s Tend to crack on the last couple of inch’s of the coil and not observable without using a mirror to peer into the bottom spring pan. ARB mounting rubbers can be hard and dry so spray some Waxoyl on them as well, in fact spray Waxoyl on any suspension joints to get rid of any noises, it’s harmless to anything under the floor.


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it’s not ever every bump though and springs are solid it’s really weird, thinking it could be something like my pads moving in my brake callipers?
The things is that i get this sometimes but not on every bump.
The car is lowered on coilovers - kw v3.
The springs are compressed and coils are close to each other so when i hit the bump the coils touch and make the anoying sound. It's weird and it's only on the front right side.
Not sure why kw uses this kind of spring.


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Check the front droplinks. The rubber boots on the upper droplink ball joints are susceptible to splitting and seizing causing noises on bumps etc. It's very hard to recreate a droplink noise on a stationary car.


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I agree, droplinks have these symptoms, its only when you go over a bump that you'll hear a knock, from experience the cheaper versions do just as well as the expensive ones.

Old ones can be a bit of a git to get off!