SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs


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My 2018 petrol SQ5 wants an oil change in the next 30 days. Rang round the dealers and got quotes ranging from £370 to £241.

Again, same experience as last year Sytners seem to be rip off merchants where as JCT600 are far more reasonable. (Yes I know independant will be even cheaper). Pays to shop around.


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It is annoying you can't get service plans for the S series but that is a big difference.
I assume you are in a JCT area? I am looking at a car or two from a JCT branch but one of the biggest challenges is distance (300 odd miles) - having said that, I have usually only read positive things about the franchise.


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I'm guessing your Yorkshire based then as all the dealers around here are sytners.
I've used Jct in York a few times and it's been positive and bought my old SQ5 from Boston Audi which is Jct again.
The only negative Jct experience was Sheffield Audi who sold a car while I was out test driving it, they are now on my banned list!


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Yes, Yorkshire based and Audi York (jct600 franchise) will be doing the work.

York Audi did last years service undercutting the local Sytner franchise by £200. Can only comment from the servicing POV, had a positive experience. In fact I might buy my next Audi from a jct600 garage.


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Bought 2 audis from jct Hull, and had a good experience. Sadly not close enough for servicing. Found last time with the Sq5 that the service from 2 dealers in the same group less than 25 miles apart can be hugely different....